Hey everyone! Tomorrow night on Cook Along With Tom we'll be making Egg Fried Rice, with Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings and Tangy Greens. If you want to cook along you'll need: Egg Fried Rice - Egg - Rice (ideally if you have some leftover rice you've already cooked that works best, but we'll make some up on the night) - Any vegetables you'd like to add Chicken Wings - Chicken wings - Plain flour - Vinegar, sugar, tomato sauce Tangy Greens - Any 'asian' greens like Broccoli, bok choi or kang kung - Ginger - Garlic - Lemon or lime (if you're feeling saucy!) Like always, we'll be starting at 5:30 and I'll post a set up video earlier in the day. Also,I know people are keen to get their hands on the recipes, I'll try to start posting them soon! See you all tomorrow!

Posted by Tom Whiting at 2020-10-14 09:41:01 UTC