Hey Everyone! Don't forget we'll be having episode 3 of Cook Along With Tom live on Thursday (October 8th) where we'll be making Carbonara, Caprese Salad and (if you're feeling adveturous) a Zabaglione for dessert! The key ingredients you'll need are: Cabonara - Pasta (any kind is fine) - Eggs - Ham/bacon/mushrooms Caprese Salad - Tomatoes - Basil - Cheese (fresh mozzarella or fetta work best) Zabaglione - Eggs - Sugar - Sherry (or some kind of fortified wine - or leave it out) I'll post a prep video tomorrow during the day to help everyone get ready! See you at 5:30!

Posted by Reach Social Supports at 2020-10-07 10:47:53 UTC