Hey.just over 2 weeks until my shave. I’m so excited. I’m really passionate about helping people that need it and people with cancer certainly need it. I always like to think that if I or my family were to need help, that it would be there and so I am helping anyway I can for those who need it . Hair will grow back and I dont need it to suvive so if shaving it off means I can raise funds for those who need it then that’s what im going to do. People I know have been touched by cancer recently and I hate to hear what they are going through, and there are so many going through similar situations, so I’m doing it for them and every one else touched by cancer . please help me raise as much money as possible for people with cancer and those touched by cancer. As the saying goes, every little bit helps. https://secure.leukaemiafoundation.org.au/registrant/FundraisingPage.aspx?RegistrationID=803751

Posted by Ange Bruce at 2021-02-22 04:08:25 UTC